Do And Do Not Do – How To Decrease Snoring

Snoring can make things difficult in a relationship. It's hard for you, and it's hard for the partner that you're sharing a bed with. You have anxiety worrying that you're keeping your partner awake and your partner is kept awake with the snoring. Here, you'll learn a few do's and don'ts that can help you and your partner get a good night's sleep.


Dairy Products before Bed – Milk, ice cream, yogurt – all dairy products should be avoided before bed. Instead of having a glass of cow's milk, opt for a glass of soy milk. The proteins in cow's milk increase the phlegm in your system and will cause more snoring.

Smoke Exposure – Whether you're the smoker or are the one exposed to second-hand smoke, you need to eliminate the smoke in your life. If you are a non-smoker, it shouldn't be too hard to avoid second-hand smoke unless you live with the person. If this is the case, ask the smoker to please smoke outside of the house – this will help to decrease the snoring and make life better for both of you.

Sleep on Your Back – Do your best not to sleep on your back. If you've tried a standard pillow behind your back and it hasn't helped to keep you off of your back, look into the big maternity pillows. These pillows wrap the whole way around your body and make it very easy to find a comfortable sleeping position off of your back.

Consume Alcohol – A few drinks before bed might help you fall asleep faster, but it will also cause the muscles in your throat to loosen. When this happens, the snoring will worsen. Skip the nightcap.


Drink Tea with Lemon and Honey – Chamomile, black, white and green tea are all known to reduce phlegm. Sit down with a nice cup of tea a few times through the day, as well as at night before bed, and you'll reduce the amount of phlegm running down your throat and decrease snoring.

Stay Hydrated – When you get dehydrated, the snoring will get worse. Maintain a healthy water regimen to decrease snoring issues.

Get Fit – The more weight you have around your neck, the worse the snoring will be. Take a walk once a day, eat a salad instead of a greasy burger, use the stairs instead of the elevator. Just making a few better choices each day can help to reduce your weight enough to take the pressure off of your neck and reduce the snoring.

Talk with your doctor if your snoring continues to be a problem. In some cases, snoring surgery is required to get the peace that is needed through the night – for you and your partner.